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वक्त के साथ सब बदल जाता है, पुराने जमाने में जिसे ठेंगा कहते थे,

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पुराने जमाने में जिसे ठेंगा कहते थे, उसे आज लाईक कहते हैं!

Funny Jokes Motivational Quotes Shayari Motivational Status Quotes in Hindi

इतर से कपड़ों का महकाना कोई बड़ी बात नहीं हे, मज़ा तो तब है जब आपके किरदार से खुशबु आये.


ज़िन्दगी हर पल कुछ खास नहीं होती, फूलों की खुशबू हमेशा पास नहीं होती, मिलना हमारी तक़दीर में था वरना, इतनी प्यारी दोस्ती इत्तेफाक नहीं होती।

About Shayari

The word shayari literally means "poetry" or "poems". It can also mean "song" or "lyric".

Shayari is a form of poetry and it is called a type of Urdu poetry. It is mostly used in Urdu but also in Hindi, Punjabi and Pashto. Shayari is also used as a means to express feelings, emotions and memories. The poetry traditions of each language vary slightly, however there are certain lines that are common across all the languages (for example Qadri), although these lines can change depending on who wrote it and when it was written.

Shayari poems are usually romantic in nature and are used to express emotions such as love, longing, separation and longing for home. Themes of love are common in all forms of shayari.

Shayari is said to be the language of our heart, it is a combination of Urdu and Arabic.

It has been said that Shayari is like a river that flows with love and happiness.

1. Baarish ki shayari:

Shayari can be written in many ways, but the most common way is to start from one line and end it with another line (called Radif).

How to write a shayari

Shayari is made up of 4 lines, there are two shers in shayari, kafiya and radif is used in shayari.

1. Baarish ki shayari:

Types of shayari

1. Baarish ki shayari:

1. Baarish ki shayari: This is the most popular one among all. It contains a lot of emotions and feelings that can be expressed through words.

2. Jhuki ki shayari: This type of shayari is very poetic, it has its own style and language which makes it more attractive to read.

3. Kavi ki dua: This type of shayari is used for expressing your wishes, you can also use this to say thank you or pray for someone.

4. Shayari punjabi: It involves a lot of feelings, emotions and feelings that you want to express through this type of poetry

5. love shayari: t is the most common type of shayari, in which a person is expressing his love to another person. Usually, it is written by a boy to a girl. This type of shayari can be written in any language like English, Urdu, Hindi and many other languages. Some of the most common words used in this type of shayari are: 1) I love you 2) Your smile melts my heart 3) You are my life 4) You are my world 5) I want to hold you forever

6. Attitude Shayari: "Attitude shayari" is the most popular type of shayari. It's a very simple kind of shayari that has been used in every society and era. Attitude shayari can be used as an expression, or even as a statement. This form of shayari is used when you want to express your feelings on something. The idea behind attitude shayari is that it shows how you feel about a particular topic or situation and what your opinion is about it.

There are many different types of attitude shayari and each one has its own meaning and purpose. Some examples include:

7. Sad Shayari: This is a shayari that is used to express sadness and sorrow. It can be used in both good and bad situations. Example: Jab main teri shayari tak nahi kabhi na jaaye, Tujhe jaanta hai meri yeh shayari.